• Darla Yarbrough

Super Flower Blood Moon -Final Push

As we are flailing around and tying up all the loose ends, wondering if we've possibly gone mad with this whole expedition, I can say one thing for sure- these locations will never disappoint in the astronomical events viewing department.

Last night was a rare 'super flower blood moon.' And if I'm not mistaken, it would also qualify as a blue moon, being the second full moon in a month, yet I did not bother with looking that up to confirm.

I feel rather repetitious in saying that we are So. Close. But we really are. It's down to matters of trivial minor things in all areas. Finish this bed platform. Wait for that blanket. The mowing, okay, that's not exactly minor. But you get my drift. The grills are here. The picnic tables are scheduled to be completed this week. My promises of final photos are not empty, swear. We just want to make sure we've got everything in order for this experience to be amazing for folks.

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