• Darla Yarbrough

South Maumee

I know I had said I was going to highlight some of our favorite places and things to do. I still am. But, truth be told, we haven't stopped for much but sleep here lately trying to get these things going. Sleep and to celebrate a couple birthdays.

It was one of those celebrations in particular that landed us at one of the most important places in our world- South Maumee.

Probably the closest section of Buffalo to us (about a 15 mostly dirt drive), this quiet and lesser known space is a solitude lovers paradise. Visitors on the bank are oftentimes local folks, with occasional out of state campers or floaters stopping by, and if it's after 4 when the sun sinks behind the bluff, you might just be the only person/s there (except for the occasional local catfisher). With only three established campsites and gravel bar camping no longer allowed, it stands to reason that this is not the most popular of places for the average tourist. However, it lacks nothing, in our opinion.

Much of our lives and a good crop of special occasions have come to pass and been lived out on the banks of this stretch of river. It has changed a lot over the years. Growing up, our most frequented sections were at the end of the little piggy trail roads that used to wind through the woods and fields that are now blocked by boulders. The lay of the gravel bar has varied a great deal depending on the rains and floods that season.

One of the most amazing aspects for me is this tree that has stood firm year after year, despite torrential floodwaters and general age. I guess, much like this tree, our roots and attachment to this place run pretty deep.

We hope that you take advantage of the proximity we have to this special space. After your day in the sunshine on the banks, come shower off and relax with us while you take in the never boring sunset. That is the type of operation we had in mind when we designed this. Something to give people a taste of our ordinary, everyday life.

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