• Darla Yarbrough

Favorite Places- Erbie Cemetery

I'm going to highlight some of our favorite day trips we've made in the past few years. All of these are an hour and a half or less in drive time from the campground, but totally worth the time spent getting there.

A few years ago we hiked and visited the Erbie Homestead & Cemetery. I didn't expect to fall in love with it like I did, but that's the thing about this place around here- it never ceases to amaze me. Besides the reverence that overwhelms you when the woods open up onto this little area that looks frozen in time, the trail offered so many types of landscape and scenery to take in. We also found the perfect little hidden picnic spot at the end of a pull off road that had little rock steps you would miss if you weren't looking. They led down to a magical swimming hole that felt like a world of its own. The homestead was described in great detail through the plaques established around the outside. There is definitely something inside me that yearns for a taste of that simple life that wasn't all that long ago. If you enjoy history, Erbie should definitely make your list.

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