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Burning the Midnight Oil

Updated: May 17

Progress Update #2

I wanted to hop on for a quick minute with a few updates on the latest progress. We've worked tirelessly this past week since getting all of our financing squared away. Seeing the sunset has been a nightly occurrence this week as well as pausing for a few moments to soak up the sounds we hope you will enjoy (disclaimer- laughing children not part of the package unless you bring your own😉).

Two of out tent deck platforms have been constructed. Rails and underpinning on both should hopefully be completed by the end of the day. The tents arrived last week, and we have been testing them out. Based on size and actuality when it is sitting right in front of you, we have modified some of the specifics from the original descriptions. We really feel like these are going to be special, and more importantly, a place we would want to stay at. I'm still waiting on some of the basics to arrive for set up, but just as soon as they do, prepare for picture overload. I'm beginning work on the landscaping and layout of the outdoor areas this week and am waiting for shipments for that as well. Until then, we have plenty to keep us busy.

The Airbnb links will be up and working just as soon as I have some furnished photos. We anticipate being open for bookings at the beginning of June.

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